Tuesday, September 12, 2006

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Five days of the week I am awake before my wife and the children. I have formed this routine which has me slipping out of bed and moving quietly into the exercise room located in the basement. I have several modern exercise machines which permit me to work-out undisturbed for a half hour or more while the rest of the family is sleeping upstairs. A vigorous workout on the bench-flex machine and the treadmill wakes up my entire body.

Now, we got down to serious interviewing. He interviewed me from above, below, behind, standing, sitting and in a prone position. I most enjoyed the 69 interview with me on top. When the we finished at 4:30 I felt surprisingly refreshed, but he looked very pale and drawn. He gave me a sterling recommendation and an introduction to someone he knew that was looking for a person with my "talents."

"Now that's an offer I can't refuse" smiled Rob. He took his cock out of Suzis pussy and reached down with his hand to rub the the juices from her cunt up to her tight black arsehole.. Gradually he worked a finger in, then two, until he was sure she was ready. Then, slowly, he started to push his cock into her. Suzi winced a little at first but soon relaxed. She had obviously done this before. Rob was starting with slow, gentle strokes.

“No! No! Oh don’t stop, please don’t stop!”

That was all the encouragement he needed. He walked up to me and scooped me in his strong arms. I held on and giggled. I had always wanted a guy to do that. While he carried me downstairs I sucked his neck and kissed around his earlobe. We got to the rug and he lay me down. He walked out of the room.

I knew they were lovers in college but obviously while I was at work they rekindled their affair and now I was to be their playmate for the weekend. When I look at Jeanine she had been watching Beth and I , while she played with herself.

She smiled to herself as she imagined him showering again and laughing. She could just imagine his surprise to see this old white lady with her shirt half un-done as she gawked at his penis. Jamie had run out of wine coolers and decided to go to the kitchen where Marcus was making a sandwich in just his boxers.

"Thank you, ma'am. I appreciate that."

Underneath the blanket his son is completely naked with his mothers' drying cunt juices all around his dick and his pubic hair. And I am wearing my blouse unhooked and completely nakedbelow my stomach with my cunt filled with his son's thick cum. It gave a whole new meaning for the phrase "looks deceive!" I was so excited by the scenethat I had to wake Ramesh for another session of mother/son sexual ecstacy.

I went out into the parking lot, got in my car and waited. She came out, spent about five minutes getting all her kids tied down in her mini van and then pulled out of the lot with me right behind. I hoped she would be going right home, but no such luck. I followed her to a Safeway and then to a Toys R Us. While waiting outside Toys R Us I called work on my cell phone and told them some urgent personal business had come up that I had to take care of and would have to take the rest of the afternoon off. I wasn't lying - my dick had 'come up' and I needed to take care of it. She finally pulled up in front of a house around two o'clock and I parked down the block and waited to make sure that she wasn't just dropping off the kids. Once I was fairly certain that she was home I raced home, fired up the computer, and downloaded her most recent set of photos and the raced back to her place. I rang the doorbell and while I was waiting for some one to come I took a quick look in the mail box and was lucky enough to find that she hadn't picked up her mail yet. The names on her photo spread were "Hot Hunny" and "Hot Hunny's Hubby" but according to the mail in the box they were Mr. and Mrs. Algernon Murphy and she was Mary Ellen Murphy.

With Don's literary background it isn't surprising that we invent stories for each other. We whisper them in bed, each acting a role for the other, even exploring the darker parts of our thoughts. I admit to a liking for seeing young men in spring and summer, or in the swimming pool, stripped to the waist. To see the young taut muscles as they develop from their hips, up to their shoulders, their skin glistening and rippling with vitality and strength. I feel a quick tightening within me and a familiar dampness inside my panties.

I paused.

Stacey smiled, and standing on her toes, she kissed him. He couldn’t control the bulge in his jeans that she no doubt could feel. He also could not help his hands from slipping down to her ass. They slipped into the sides of her panties and cupped her naked bum as they pecked over and over.

No one at the table seemed to object and when I made eye contact with Seth, he nodded and I accepted the invitation.

One of them asked "And what do we get for doing you this favor?." Kelli chuckled and motioned them all in tight around her, and began to explain the whole thing to them..... After 10 minutes the men were laughing as well; Kelli handed them each a hundred dollar bill and left the room, high fiving a couple of the guys as she went. Everything was set... she just had to get into costume, and headed into the ladies room to do so.

The pleasure was so intense I clenched all the muscles in my groin as if connected directly to an electrical charge.

Taking the wine glass from Tina's hand she gripped her arm to help her out of the tub and onto the bath-mat.

“In fact, right now a girl is getting her ass fucked by a big guy”, I said.